Three Pillars Payroll Services


• Weekly (Once Weekly)
• Semi Weekly (Every other Week)
• Semi Monthly (Twice a Month)
• Monthly (Once Monthly)

Types of Taxes Paid

• Federal Withholding (Weekly or Semi-Weekly Depositor)

     Following Wednesday (If Pay Day is on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday)

     Following Friday (If Pay Day is on Saturday, Sunday, Monday or Tuesday)

     Monthly Depositor (15 of Month Following)

• State Withholding (Follow Federal Schedule)

• Federal Unemployment

     Quarterly (If $500 or Over)

     Annually (If $500 or Under)

• State Unemployment (Paid Quarterly on the Last Day of the Month the next Month Following)

Forms Filed

• 941: April 30th (Q1), July 31st (Q2), Oct 31st (Q3), Jan 31st (Q4)

• 940: Jan 31st (Annually)

• W2's: Feb 1st (Annually)


• 1099's: Feb 1st to Recipient

• 1099's: March 1st to Federal Government

Proven On-Boarding Process

Step 1: Pre-Stage

Getting the right information is an important step to make sure that we can provide a full picture of the business. We will gather and analyze past financials, business documents, employee documents etc.

Step 2: Cleanup

We will analyze and correct past books by systematically looking at the different financial statements and other business documents. We will be using proprietary systems and checklists to cleanup their respective  records and financial reports: balance sheet, profit & loss, tie out, payroll, and cash-flow / waste reports etc.

Step 3; Process Management

Process management is looking at all the different internal controls, standard operation procedures, standard operation guides, and other creation and development tools to promote growth, achieve the company’s goals, and at the same time, increase profit.

Step 4; Continuing Improvements

This step is where the first three steps come together to give the business the stability that it deserves - peace of mind for the shareholders. As part of doing business, we are here to assist in different projects and services as needed.

Setting Expectations

• Turnaround time is 10 days or less.
• Payroll info is due on Tuesdays the week of payroll. Usually bi-weekly.
•  Accounts Payable: Checks cut on a monthly basis.
• Drop off / pick up of docs is available at our Big Apple Bagels location (508 South Lake St in Forest Lake MN).
• Payments: 1st payment due at signup and subsequent payments are due on the 1st of every month via ACH.
• Training / consulting is always available. Additional fees may apply.
• If there are errors, scope of work needs to change (adding or discontinuing tasks) just let us know.
Contact Us for a complimentary consultation. All Services.
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