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Les Is More Coaching
I have had the opportunity to work with Alex in many capacities as a companion in a restaurant that he was a partner with, and also in supporting him at Big Apple Bagel where I worked with his staff and got to know a lot more about Alex his style of management and his accountability with the financial, payroll and human resources part of the business. His integrity is impeccable, his word is his bond, he is trustworthy, honest and fair. He is generous, almost generous to a fault! I would hire him to manage and run my finances for all my clients! Call me if you wish for an in depth conversation and reference!
- Les J Hill, Les Is More Coaching

Meet Alex

It is easy to get overwhelmed with receipts, recording, and reporting. “Doing the books” becomes a burden and we lose the opportunity to leverage that information to optimize our businesses.

Alex Bulmer leads Three (3) Pillars Bookkeeping in Forest Lake, Minnesota, helping small business owners remove some of their financial management chaos and equip them to use that information to make better business decisions.

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